Air-O-Lite Window Gasket

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Air-O-Lite Window Gasket

Air-O-Lite WindowThis fairly rare gasket was used on aluminum Air-O-Lite windows from the post-war period (no later than 1951 as far as we know). Used on:

  • 1947 to 1949 Airstream
  • 1947 Curtis Wright
  • 1947 Westcraft
  • 1948 La Cosse
  • 1948 Boles Aero
  • 1949 ABC
  • 1949-50 Spartanette

It probably works on other trailers of that era...we're just not sure which ones! Drop us a note and photos if you discover that it works on your trailer.

Order in total feet needed but expect up to one break in longer lengths.

Air-O-Lite windows were made by the Aviation Products company in Venice, California.  The company changed its name to Associated Products around 1947 or 1948. Associated Products went on to make the Royal brand windows starting in 1950. This gasket does not fit Royal windows. 

INSTALLATION NOTE: This stuff is tight...even with 3/32" single strength glass. You will need to use a lubricant like soapy water, silicone spray or some other lubricant. Let us know your tips and tricks and we'll pass them on to other Air-O-Lite owners.

Description Above Price
  • Made of premium silicone rubber
  • UV-stable so will not shink or crack over time