Vintage Travel Trailer Interior Parts, Accessories & Supplies

Whoever said “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” sure knew what they were talking about…especially when it comes to retro campers and travel trailers! No matter how old your trailer is, you can bring it new life with our extensive selection of reliable supplies for vintage trailer interiors. Whether your trailer needs a total makeover or simply regular maintenance, Vintage Trailer Supply proudly provides authentic parts to keep your trailer working beautifully for years to come. We carry exclusive, hard-to-find and formerly obsolete interior parts for your trailer.

Browse curtains, wood repair products, cabinet hardware, interior lights and more. Our dependable products are in it for the long haul; we know you’ll love their durability, efficiency and style.

Interior Furniture & Accessories

Interior Bathroom & Plumbing

Whether you’re looking to restore your vintage trailer to it’s mid-century glory, or you’re looking to gut it and install a modern dining area, we stock supplies to help you take your travel trailer kitchen to the next level. Shop model-specific appliances, furniture, and charming kitchen decor.

Depending on your model of retro travel trailer, you’ll need to maintain solid plumbing while you’re on the road. At some point, your plumbing will need to be replaced, so shop interior plumbing supplies for sinks, bathrooms, showers, and more.

Interior Storage

Interior Electric

Maximize your space with cabinets, shelving, racks, and other storage applications. Vintage travel trailers have limited space, so even a little bit of clutter can cause some issues. We stock a wide range of storage supplies to help you make the most out of the interior of your vintage trailer.

Let there be light! The integrity of your trailer electrical system can make or break a successful vacation. Especially during the summer months, you want to make sure that key electrical components are working properly to control your air temperature, keep food cold, and even provide entertainment during those long, long hours on the road. Shop all the necessary electrical components for your retro travel trailer interior.

Interior Decor


What is a vintage trailer without a little kitsch. At Vintage Trailer Supply, it’s not only our job to help you make sure your retro travel trailer is working properly, we’re also here to help our customers find products that harken back to simpler time; items that reminisce about the great American road trip and humanity’s call to explore what’s around them. Our selection of interior decor will help you nail the retro travel trailer aesthetic with style.


We offer great warranties and customer service to help you every step of the way, even long after your purchase is complete. You can trust Vintage Trailer Supply for the highest-quality products and best service in the vintage trailer community.