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Furrion TV Inlet  Plastic Furrion Cable TV Miniature Inlet Mini 12 Volt Receptacle Shallow Outlet Box
Mini 12 Volt Receptacle
Our Price: $6.99
Outlet Box
Our Price: $4.59
Great way to connect a portable satellite dish. 2" version of a coax inlet. A small version of our 12v receptacle. Shallow for trailer walls.
7-Pin Socket 12 Volt Receptacle Cable Outlet Single 15A Receptacle
7-Pin Socket
Our Price: $25.99
12 Volt Receptacle
Our Price: $7.99
Cable Outlet
Our Price: $3.96
Single 15A Receptacle
Our Price: $3.99
Used on 1970s Airstreams. Need a place to plug in your 12V appliances? Watertight cable passage.

Simple brown single outlet for a variety of uses.

Self Closing Weatherproof Cover
Great for single outlets on vintage trailers.
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