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Lexan Front Window Guard

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Lexan Front Window Guard

Product Code: VTS-561


This front window stone guard is a high quality Lexan reproduction of those used by Airstream from 1966 to 1968. If you are attempting to use this stone guard on a trailer other than a 1966-68 Airstream, you will want to very carefully measure to make sure this will work. It is unlikely to fit trailers other than those it was designed for.

The originals were the same size and pattern, but were made of Butyrate (derived from cellulose). The Butyrate didn't hold up well at all in the sun and lost its clarity. Our Lexan rock guard is much stronger and much more resistant to sun damage than the original. It is also much stronger than acrylic guards sold by RV dealers.

It is 24" high and 44" wide and attached at the top with a continuous hinge. Please verify your measurements before ordering. If you have an Airstream earlier than 1966, we recommend you consider our VTS-498 made of fiberglass and with slightly different dimensions.

Comes with attached support arms, continuous hinge and quality gasket. Bottom latches are included but not attached, so you can mount them where you choose. All hardware is aluminum or stainless steel.

Available in untinted transparent (most original) or lightly-tinted styles.

Installation Tips: There is a cast mounting "foot" on the end of each telescoping arm. The pivoting foot is screwed to your trailer skin just to the left and right of the window. You will not be able to reuse the mounting holes or foot of your old guard (so fill those old holes with rivets).

Finding the exact placement of the new feet for on your trailer (both vertically and left/right) is an important part of the installation.

The foot at the end of the arm has two "toes" on it where the mounting screws go through. You may find it is best for the toes to be pointed in or out, depending on your trailer. If you need to reverse the mounting foot for best fit on your trailer, simply drill out the pivot rivet, flip the foot, and re-rivet. An all aluminum 3/16" diameter rivet approximately 1/2" long is the proper pivot rivet. That size rivet is available from most hardware stores.

Please call us if you need additional help.

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