1/8" Almond Aluminum Rivets (Pkg of 100)

1/8" Almond Aluminum Rivets (Pkg of 100)

Product Code: VTS-192
$7.99 - $8.99

If the rivets securing the wall panels inside your Airstream rattle loose, you'll want some correctly-sized replacements.

Both the head and mandrel are aluminum. They are painted almond to blend with light color inside walls. They may not be an exact color match with original wall colors, but they are much closer than standard white rivets.

These rivets are professionally painted before they are assembled using an epoxy based painting process that includes surface preparation of the aluminum to get the best possible adhesion on aluminum.

Installed with a regular blind "pop" rivet tool. Prepare hole with a No.30 drill bit.

Available in a shorter and longer version.  The shorter version is used more often. It is able to clamp up to 1/8" (.125") thickness. Airstream interior skins are usually .032 to .040 inches thick.

Sold in packages of 100.