1950s and 1960s Trailer Windows

This article is an attempt to begin creating a window picture library for 1950s and 1960s travel trailers. From my experience at Vintage Trailer Supply, I know this is a monumental undertaking, but perhaps we can assemble a usable collection of photos over time.

Hehr Awning Style

Hehr made a window called the "Standard" that was used from 1962 forward on Serro Scotty trailers and from 1953 forward on Airstreams, and on many, many, many other trailers. Easy to replace glass because it goes behind the trim frame (and does not have radius corners).

Jalousie Style
A jalousie is a louvered window. Individual panes of glass are either framed or not. Glass pane height is usually either 4" or 7".
Hehr Jalousie


VKs windows from her Hanson that are pictured are not Hehr brand. They are a nightmare to replace the glass in because the aluminum frame has to be bent open at the top.


Woodlin JC's photo of a window from his great Silverdome are Woodlin. Sometimes these are marked with the name and sometimes they are not.

From a 1946 Curtis Wright Model 2....front window only

Best of luck everyone!
Steve Hingtgen
Vintage Trailer Supply