4-1/8" Round Lens

4-1/8" Round Lens

Product Code: VTS-102

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This 4-1/8" lens was used by Airstream starting in the late 1960 and on other brands throughout 1970s. The red was used in taillight assemblies in 1965. The Red and clear were used in taillight assemblies beginning with some 1968 models and continuing up through 1974. The clear was used starting a few years earlier as a porch light next to the door.

We offer a blue version of this lens as a replacement lens for the porch light next to the door. The blue lens reduces the light shining in your neighbor's eyes when camping close to other RVs.

Used on 1970s Silver Streak trailers. Do you know of other trailers that need these lenses? Let us know.

  • Red and Clear versions come with gasket and screws
  • Blue version does NOT come with gasket and screws.


NOTE: If you are using this for a "scare light" or porch light for your Airstream, make sure you also have an 18-watt 1141 bulb or lower wattage to avoid excessive heat. This is a polycarbonate lens, which resists heat better than the original acrylic lens, but a standard 27-watt 1156 bulb is too hot for long term use in that fixture. For taillights, 1156 bulbs are recommended for their brightness.

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