40 Lb. (9.4 Gallon) Vertical Aluminum LP Tank


40 Lb. (9.4 Gallon) Vertical Aluminum LP Tank

Product Code: VTS-172
¥60,561 - ¥83,862

This is our largest tank. It is typically used only on larger trailers or when you think you'll need a lot of propane, as in the case of trailers that are often used in cold weather with a heater running. Off-the-grid users may appreciate having the extra capacity so they don't have to refill as often. However, these tanks are quite tall so check the height of the cylinder to make sure it won't block your front window from opening.

  • Empty weight is approximately 21 pounds.
  • 32" tall.
  • 12.25" in diameter.

Expect propane tanks to arrive from the manufacturer with some dings and scratches which can be lessened or removed by polishing using an abrasive aluminum polish like our Nuvite NuShine II Aircraft Polish (VTS-900).

Gauge or No Gauge?

If you want a liquid level gauge in the tank, the price is $70 higher. The gauge is a float inside the tank that tells you how much fuel you have left. If you choose a tank with a gauge, it will come from the manufacturer with a "remote read" dial on the gauge. That means the dial has a wiring assembly permanently attached to the face of the dial. Those wires connect to existing wiring on your trailer or motorhome that lead to an instrument panel inside your RV. The instrument panel reads the dial from inside your trailer, measuring resistance in the range of 0-90 ohms. If you don't have an instrument panel, you may need to swap the dial out for a version without the wires. That's because remote read dials cannot be easily read directly because the wiring assembly obscures the dial face. Please see product photos for a picture of the remote read dial that comes with the tank.

If you would like a gauge but don't have the instrument panel and you want to read the face of the dial directly, you can buy a "direct read" replacement dial. We sell them here. It is easy to replace a dial at any time. Dials are entirely outside the tank so you can even have fuel in the tank when you replace the dial. They're attached to the tank with two little Phillips screws.

Choose carefully whether you want a gauge or not. Gauges cannot be installed in tanks that originally did not have gauges because they are installed in a separate bore in the tank. This is necessary because both the OPD valve and the gauge each require their own floats inside the tank. 

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NOTE: Ships directly from factory via Ground only to the contiguous U.S. Expedited and international shipping not available.