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Vintage Trailer Hubcap Vintage Trailer Dome Hubcap Canned Ham Hubcap Cone Hubcap
9-1/2" Dome Hubcap
Our Price: $17.99
10-1/2" Dome Hubcap
Our Price: $19.99
Canned Ham Hubcap
Price: $29.99
Cone Hubcap
Our Price: $18.99
Fits all our five-bolt wheels. Fits all our six-bolt wheels. Very similar to the original Scotty and Shasta caps. Original for many 1960s trailers.
1940 Stainless Hub Cap 1/2-20 60 Degree Cone Nut
1940s Hub Cap
Price: $27.99
1/2-20 60 Cone Nut
Our Price: $0.73
For some wheels with "innie" nubs. The only style lug nut to use with our wheels.
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