Airstream Rub Rail (1956-65)

Airstream Rub Rail (1956-65)

Product Code: VTS-211

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This extruded aluminum trim band covers the seam where the belly pan wraps up and meets the polished exterior skin of Airstreams from 1956 to 1965.

It comes in a full 14-foot length and is coiled in a square flat box so it can ship via standard FedEx rates. You will gently uncoil and work into your desired shape. It is made of a soft aluminum alloy but will still take some time and effort to get it to wrap properly. Plan on starting in the center below the window and working towards the ends.

The width of the trim is approximately 2-7/32". It is mill finish with no anodizing so it can be polished.

It is typically installed with #8 slotted pan head sheet metal screws.  We recommend stainless steel like our VTS-133.