Airstream Vent Pipe Gasket

Airstream Vent Pipe Gasket

Product Code: VTS-1075



For 1970s and newer Airstreams with cast aluminum pipe vents. This gasket is installed on the roof under the cast aluminum vent pipe cover (VTS-1081). The pipe coming out of your roof goes through the center hole. 

Airstream made two different shapes of aluminum pipe cover and this gasket fits either with trimming.

We recommend test fitting this gasket in place on your roof with your aluminum pipe cover before trimming to shape.  Once you have test fitted, mark the trim line and then remove and cut to fit the perimeter shape of your vent cover.  Install without adhesives. We recommend you add some insect screening over the end of the pipe.

The gasket measures 5.3" square. It has a thickness of .135" and the diameter of the center hole is 1.2".

​Made of quality EPDM rubber for excellent UV and ozone resistance.