Awning Line Tensioner

Awning Line Tensioner

Product Code: VTS-2086


Built to military specifications of injection molded glass-filled nylon, our awning rope tensioners are the finest available. We like them so much, we include them with every awning we sell. They are super strong and make it easy to create and keep a tight line between your pole and stake.

To use, tie a small bight (fixed loop) in the end of your rope and loop it over the tip of your pole over the awning. Then string the rope through one end of the tensioner, around the stake and then back through the other hole in the tensioner. Tie a simple stopper knot in the end of your rope.

4" long. Holes measure 1/2" Diameter. The holes are 3-1/4" apart. Overall width is 4-1/16"