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Bargman H20-2 Exterior Handle

Vintage Trailer Supply

Bargman H20-2 Exterior Handle

Product Code: VTS-315


The Bargman H20-2 door handle is more than simply a way to open a trailercoach door; it is a functional work of art.

Because of its adaptability and style, it was used widely on high-end trailers from 1948 to 1958, when more modern angular models such as the Bargman L-77 became popular.

The H20-2 handle/bezel combination had two design features that made it particularly flexible for use by different trailer manufacturers, like Airfloat, Spartan, Mobile Sportsman, Lintzcraft, Silver Streak and Airstream.

  1. The circular design of the handle/bezel interface allowed the bezel to be installed with the key cylinder either above or below the handle. The handle itself could then be installed in the 3, 6 or 9 o'clock position.
  2. The spring-loaded handle could also be lifted over obstructions (such as Airstream's "door within a door" raised panel) as the handle was turned through its arc. When released, it tucked back in close to the door's surface.

Unfortunately, this second feature (along with the brittle pot metal from which it was cast) probably led to most of the breakage suffered by these handles as they were mistakenly pulled straight out (not turned) and broken off in an attempt to open the locked door.


Each of our Bargman H20-2 reproduction door handles is investment cast in a labor-intensive process. Unlike sand casting, this method perfectly reproduces every detail or the original, including the original part numbers on the back of the handle. Each handle is triple chrome plated and polished by hand. And since they are cast in tough aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, they are sure to last the lifetime of your trailer.

Hand polished. Supplied with new split pin.

Please click on the FIELD NOTES tab for installation instructions.


1) Disconnect lock box assembly from inside door by unscrewing two screws on edge of door and two screws in diagonal corners of lock box. Remove lock box assembly from door.

2) Remove broken bezel/handle assembly from door by unscrewing two screws inside door that connect to rear of bezel. Remove handle/bezel assembly from door.

3) If you have any doubts as to your ability to disassemble bezel/handle assembly STOP NOW AND TAKE IT TO A LOCKSMITH. It won't cost much to have them do it.

4) Drive out friction pin and remove bezel from lock and square actuator stock.

5) Drive out friction pin and remove handle from square actuator stock.

6) Replace handle and re-assemble, taking care to note the position of lock spring.

PARTING THOUGHTS... If you are worried you can't do it, take the assembly to a locksmith. After all, it's a fifty year old trailer and there's no telling what else might break if you aren't careful.