Beehive Marker Light Kit

Beehive Marker Light Kit

Product Code: VTS-073


We've come up with a good replacement for many original beehive lights on vintage trailers. It is a kit assembled from 3 parts: a beehive lens, the main assembly of our backup light, and a #67 bulb. When you order this kit, you will receive the components for you to assemble yourself. It takes just a minute or two to assemble each one. You will need only a small phillips screwdriver.

The lenses are acrylic and the trim rings are zinc plated. The #67 bulb is common in side markers because it is bright but not so hot as to melt the lens.

Mounting requires a 3/4" diameter center cutout with two screw holes on 1-7/16" centers. Light assembly is 3-1/4" in diameter.

One positive lead wire. Ground is completed through mounting screws to trailer.

We highly recommend coating the metal rings with a clear lacquer coat to prevent rusting over time.

The video below shows what you get and how fast the assembly goes.