Vintage Trailer Supply

Black Waste Tank - 8 Gallons

Vintage Trailer Supply

Black Waste Tank - 8 Gallons

Product Code: VTS-598

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This high quality waste holding tank has an overall dimension of 18.5" x 22.5" x 6" high. If fit is an issue, it's safe to trim off 1/4" on all four sides of the top edge. It narrows to 14.5" x 18" at the bottom.

It has an 8 gallon capacity.

It can be set up with a side drain or a bottom drain. Just use our ABS tank fittings wherever you would like them. At a minimum, you'll need a 3" top fitting for your toilet flange and a 3" bottom or side fitting for your output to the sewer. You may also want a fitting for a vent on top. Often, a 1-1/2" fitting on top is used for that pipe.

Constructed of tough ABS plastic for long service life. All seams are solvent welded and have a 1¼” mounting flange.

Comes with a bag of ABS regrind (small chips) that you will mix with acetone to create a strong solvent-based adhesive for gluing all your fittings to your holding tank. Use this ABS slurry to plug a small 1/8" hole on that comes on the side every tank. The hole is part of the manufacturing process.

Blend 1 to 2 parts regrind with 1 part Acetone. Adjust for desired consistency.