AquaLock makes vintage trailer plumbing much easier

AquaLock makes vintage trailer plumbing much easier

You may know that the best freshwater lines for vintage trailers are made of PEX (crosslinked polyethylene). PEX is much better than copper, CPVC or vinyl tubing. It has fantastic freeze resistance and is easy to snake around without needing as many elbows as rigid pipe.

When you are working with PEX you can use quick connect fittings that are installed by hand, or crimp ring fittings that are installed with special tools. We recommend quick connect fittings for most DIYers because there are almost no tools needed and you can easily fix your mistakes as you go.  

In the quick connect realm, we've been fans of Watts Sea-Tech fittings for many years. Watts, the manufacturer, has recently changed the name from Sea-Tech (from the marine industry) to AquaLock to better reflect the broad use of the fittings in the RV and residential markets. But the fittings remain basically the same as ever.

We think they are simply the best quick-connect fittings available for running water lines in your vintage travel trailer. They can be installed by anyone with even limited plumbing knowledge and with only one tool: a PEX pipe cutter. And they've stood the test of time and offer several advantages over other brands. In addition to having a reputation for never leaking, and having a 25 year warranty, they also don't restrict the flow through your lines like insert type fittings do.  Here are the key advantages in a nutshell:

  • No tools required—connect and disconnect without tools for easy and flexible installation.
  • Fits and joins PEX, Copper and CPVC.
  • Locking clips available for extra connection security.
  • Rotate after installation and even under pressure, making installation a breeze.
  • Zero-leaks with a patented O-ring guide that protects the O-ring from damage or misalignment during connection.
  • Certified for potable water and behind the wall for plumbing applications.
  • 25-year limited warranty!

Most vintage trailer fresh water plumbing is now done with 1/2" PEX. In some cases, you may have old 1/2" copper that you don't want to fully remove. One of the great thing about these fittings is that they can splice your old copper to new PEX. 

We carry a wide variety of AquaLock fittings to help you finish your plumbing without needing to hire a plumber.

Let us know if you would like help with planning your plumbing project. We're happy to review your plans or give you an overview of where to begin.