How to Use a 2-Tank Automatic Changeover Regulator

How to Use a  2-Tank Automatic Changeover Regulator

If you have two propane tanks on the tongue of your travel trailer, you need an automatic changeover regulator.  There are several brands to choose from. Our preferred version is made by the well respected Cavagna company (available here). as the quality and usability are best in class.  Whichever brand you choose, follow these instructions while using your changeover regulator.

Set up the automatic changeover regulator properly
  • Make sure that the automatic changeover is connected to the two cylinder valves with high pressure gas hose. 
  • Make sure that the automatic changeover is mounted above the two cylinder valves.
  • Turn both cylinders’ gas valves on at the same time. This is fundamental because it ensures the automatic changeover the ability to continuously supply the gas appliance, When the service cylinder becomes empty, the automatic changeover cannot turn to the reserve gas cylinder if its valve is closed. 
How to read the automatic changeover indicator: full gas cylinder
  • When the two gas cylinders are full, the automatic changeover’s indicator will turn green when you open gas valves A and B.
  • The arrow on the automatic changeover’s knob indicates which one of the two gas cylinders is supplying gas: that is to say the “service gas cylinder." The other cylinder is the “reserve gas cylinder." See picture 1. 
How to read the automatic changeover indicator: empty cylinder
  • When the service cylinder exhausts, the automatic changeover senses negative pressure (gas cylinder pressure less than 5 PSI). 
  • It then automatically switches to the reserve cylinder to supply the gas installation as normal. The user will know that the service cylinder is now empty because the formerly green indicator turns red. See picture 2 
How to substitute the empty gas cylinder with the full one
  • Turn tank A's valve off and turn the automatic changeover hand-wheel 180° (picture 3a). If the reserve service gas cylinder is full, the indicator will turn green (picture 3b).
  • Remove the empty gas cylinder (figure 3c).  You can go get it filled while you enjoy gas from the reserve cylinder.
  • Position the new full gas cylinder. Open the gas valve A (figure 3d).