Cast Aluminum Water Fill

Cast Aluminum Water Fill

Product Code: VTS-482


Similar to the fresh water gravity fills found on the front of late 1960s Airstreams, our beautiful reproduction is a welcome alternative to the rather unsightly versions available through the conventional RV industry.

The 3-1/2" diameter mounting flange is attached to your trailer with four sheet metal screws (not included).

Standard flexible 1-1/4" hose (sold separately) connects to the 1-1/4" outside diameter internal pipe with a hose clamp (sold separately).

The threaded cap is vented to allow for water tank air pressure equalization when used with a standard demand pump.

Please note that a vented cap is not appropriate for 1950s and early 1960s compressed air systems.

Made from cast aluminum with no finish or plating. Suitable for polishing.