Cavagna One-Tank Regulator for Vertical Mounting


Cavagna One-Tank Regulator for Vertical Mounting

Product Code: VTS-383V

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If you use just one propane tank, you need a regulator designed for one tank. This high quality Italian-made Cavagna two-stage regulator is exactly what you need for safe and reliable gas supply on your one-tank system. The first stage reduced cylinder outlet pressure to 10 psi. The second stage maintains a stable working pressure of 11 water column inches.

This regulator is configured for mounting in a vertical orientation with vents pointing down.

Product Description:

  • Inlet is 1/4" FPT
  • Outlet is 3/8" FPT
  • 160,000 BTU/hr
  • UL Listed in the US and Canada
  • The kit includes the 2 plastic vent covers required by RVIA.


Safety Features:


  • Excess Flow Device: Ensures protection with all hose connections. It limits gas flow in the event of a hose rupture or accidental disconnection.
  • Overpressure Protection Device: Limits environmental propane release in case of regulator malfunction to a value of less than 2 psi. That is significantly lower than that mandated by UL standard 144.