Chrome Table Leg System

£7.72 - £23.19

Chrome Table Leg System

This pedestal table support system provides a sturdy way to mount a table that can be easily removed at any time.  The system requires 3 pieces: a leg, a top socket and a bottom socket. Each component is purchased separately so you can configure the top and bottom in a way that best works for your vintage trailer.

The attractive chrome leg is 2.25" in diameter with tapered ends for a no-wobble fit.

The cone-shape socket is permanently attached to the underside of the table and can also be used on the floor for a protruding leg support that does not require cutting a hole in the floor.

The recessed socket is an alternative floor mounting system that gives a flush installation but requires drilling a 2.5" diameter hole in the floor. The flush floor socket is ideal when the table is often removed, because there is nothing to stub your toe against.  It extends down 1.75" from the surface of the floor.

The fittings have 6" overall diameters.

Choose from six different leg lengths. 


How to determine leg length needed

To determined finished table leg height to underside of table, do the following:

  • Add 1/8" to leg length for each protruding surface mounted cone socket used.
  • Subtract 1-3-/8" from leg length for each recessed socket used.

So if you start with an 18" long leg, and use one of each end fittings, you would have a total length from floor to underside of table of 16-3/4" (18" plus 1/8" minus 1-3/8")