City Water Intake with Check Valve

City Water Intake with Check Valve

Product Code: VTS-847

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This lead free fitting is used to attach a garden hose with city water pressure to your trailer's plumbing system. Because the garden hose connection protrudes from the trailer, this inlet is often used in places where it can be somewhat hidden, like under the bumper.

This water inlet includes a brass check valve so that when your pump goes on, water doesn't exit through the inlet.

The garden hose connection is a swivel fitting with a gripper and press-on dust cap.

1/2" FPT inside connection. Easy plumb PEX to this fitting with our AquaLock
 1/2" x 1/2" MPT.

Mounting screws or rivets and sealant are not included. We recommend you use thread tape on the 1/2" threaded inside connection. Normally putty tape or Trempro 636 polyurethane sealant is used under the flange to help seal.