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Classic Pole & Rope Awning

Vintage Trailer Supply

Classic Pole & Rope Awning

Product Code: VTS-785
€263.47 - €610.47

An affordable vintage style awning for canned ham trailers!
If our premium acrylic fabric awnings are not in your budget, or if you prefer a simple bold stripe, our vinyl laminate awnings may be perfect for you.

Design of Our Awnings
Our awnings are period-appropriate, right down to the beautiful scalloped valances on three sides. Stripes always run perpendicular to the trailer in the true vintage style. All stakes, poles and ropes are included. The quality two-part telescoping aluminum poles are designed with zinc plated steel thumb screw position locking mechanisms, and padded on the bottom with rubber "crutch tips" Stakes are steel, and ropes include line tighteners to make set-up a breeze. Your awning will even include a pole storage bag with velcro closure to keep your poles organized when in storage.

The Fabric
Our Classic Awnings are made with quality Weblon Coastline Plus vinyl-laminated polyester fabric with printed stripes. The stripes are on the top only and the underneath is solid white on most colors. The Turquoise is solid blue underneath.  It weighs approximately 15 oz per yard. The vinyl coating is then treated with Rain Kleen surface treatment to prolong the fabric's life, preserve color and maintain cleanliness.

This is a very high quality vinyl coated fabric. If properly cared for, it will last for many years. Because it is vinyl laminate, it is a good idea to fold the fabric in different locations each time you put the awning away. This will prevent creasing. The printed color stripes will show some wear from the folding and abrasion as the awning is used.



How to Order

To order, measure the length of your awning rail and determine the awning width you would like. Keep in mind that bigger is usually better.

Next, choose a color from the three shown above.

Then, decide whether you'd like fringe on your scalloped valance. It's a $100 option that looks like a million bucks.

Finally, measure the size diameter of your awning rail. Make absolutely sure the inside dimension is 3/8" so that the awning will fit correctly.

After you order, we send your custom color and dimensions to our awning maker. Awnings ship directly from the awning maker in approximately 4 to 6 weeks, or 6-8 weeks, depending on the season.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you'll like the fit and quality of your custom awning. Upon receiving your awning, look it over and try it on your trailer. If it doesn't fit, or if you don't like the quality, send it back within 30 days. We'll refund your purchase price or replace it with another awning.

What is a Pole & Rope Awning? And Would it be Original for My Trailer?

Vintage pole & rope awnings were used almost universally from the 1940s into the 1970s. They are installed only when in use and are taken down and stored when traveling.

The trailer-side edge of the awning is mounted by sliding one edge of the awning through the existing awning rail on your trailer. An awning rail is a C-shaped aluminum extrusion running the length of the trailer on the curb side above the door. If you do not currently have an awning rail attached, you can buy a "standard awning rail" at almost any RV dealer. We sell 8' long rails.

In the old days, the awning edge had a rope sewn into its hem to give it the profile that would hold in the C-shaped rail. With ours, a plastic bead is sewn on the edge of the awning in lieu of the rope. The bead is a big improvement because the fabric doesn't touch the aluminum rail.


The opposite outside edge of the awning is supported by telescoping aluminum poles, which are tethered to stakes.

A sure sign of whether your trailer should have a pole & rope awning is to see if it has an awning rail installed.


  • Extends out 8 feet from the rail
  • Scalloped valance on all 3 sides
  • Heavy duty adjustable-height aluminum poles (extend from 60" to 93")
  • Includes ropes and stakes
  • Includes a protective storage bag with velcro enclosure to protect the vinyl fabric canopy from damage
  • Plastic rail bead is sewn into the top edge of the awning. Fits 3/8" awning rail
  • Hydrostatic Resistance: 275
  • Waterproof Shade Factor: 99%
  • Flammability: Meets CSFM Reg. F-06901
  • Warranty on Fabric: Limited warranty for 5 years from date of purchase against rot or excessive deterioration, mildew stains, excessive loss of strength or color change if they occur in normal use and exposure, including sunlight and normal atmospheric chemicals. (Some color change is unavoidable due to ultraviolet rays and chemicals in the atmosphere.)
  • Warranty on Workmanship and Non-Fabric Components: Guaranteed fit and workmanship at time of awning purchase
Description Above Price SHIPS in Approx 6 to 8 Weeks.