Cobalt Threaded Shank Bit

$3.24 - $4.79

Cobalt Threaded Shank Bit

For threading into our rivet removal tool.

If you purchase our rivet removal tool (VTS-497), you will receive one of each size of threaded bit. But you may want some extra bits if you are drilling out lots of rivets. 

Stock up at the time you buy the tool to avoid delays or shipping costs later.

Thread size is 1/4-28. Bit is 2" long (not including threaded section). Points are 135 degree split points, which are ideal for drilling out dome head rivets.

  • #30 drills out a 1/8" rivet
  • #21 drills out a 5/32" rivet
  • #11 drills out a 3/16" rivet