Corrugated Fill Hose

Corrugated Fill Hose

Product Code: VTS-947
€4.65 - €20.49

This cold water hose is used to connect your gravity fill to your fresh water tank. The hose is constructed of a tough blend of polyethylene copolymers. The smooth inner bore allows water fill hoses to fill potable water tanks easily.

The 1-3/8" ID version fits on 1-3/8" boss. The 1-1/2" ID version fits on 1-1/2" boss. These hoses may not fit on some barbed fittings if the barbs are very pronounced. To get them to fit, you may need to sand the barbs down somewhat. We recommend using some silicone caulk as a "pipe dope" if you experience any leaking.

Secure either version with hose clamp VTS-591F.