Early 1950s Airstream Serial Number Plate - Norwalk

Vintage Trailer Supply

Early 1950s Airstream Serial Number Plate - Norwalk

Product Code: VTS-909



This is a true etched reproduction of the Norwalk, CA Airstream serial number plate used up to 1955. Notice the highly radiused corners that set it apart from earlier plates that had no radius and later plates that had a smaller radius on the corners. We also carry a Los Angeles version of this plate.

4" wide. 1-1/2" high.

These nameplates are a Vintage Trailer Supply exclusive. Like the originals, these are etched so they have a slight three dimensional quality, with the lettering raised and the blue field recessed.

Manufactured by a 40 year-old specialty nameplate company, the paint is high quality, fade-resistant and baked on. They are then clearcoated. They will not crack, peel or chip during your lifetime. Plates will arrive with a protective plastic film that you should remove before installing.