Aluminum Propane Tanks

Aluminum Propane Tanks

Upgrade from rusty old LP-gas tanks that detract from your vintage trailer. Replace them with premium aluminum LPG cylinders. They can't discolor or rust, and you never have to paint them.  They're also up to 40% lighter than steel tanks, making them much easier to handle with refilling. And you reduce hitch weight, too.  In addition to RV use, they are the best type of propane cylinder for all RV, boating and home use.

  • Engineered design for lightweight strength
  • Durable construction with sleek mill finish
  • Rust-free and corrosion resistant
  • Comfortable hand-hold in the collar for easier lifting
  • Interiors that are clean, dry and scale free
  • Equipped with an Overfill Protection Device
  • Meet Department of Transportation specifications