Fridge Chimney for Inside Airstreams

Fridge Chimney for Inside Airstreams

Product Code: VTS-235



This is the plastic refrigerator chimney used inside mid 1960s and 1970s Airstreams. Originally these were made of 1/8" thick ABS plastic. With age, they usually show cracks around the rivets.

We've reproduced the chimney in a slightly thicker 3/16" ABS so that it is less prone to cracking. In addition, ours is lighter in color than the original. Ours is more white than the cream of the original. It can be painted with ABS-suitable paint, if you desire.

It measures approximately 45" long, 19 3/4" across from one edge of the flange to the other, and 4 1/4" deep.

Tip to avoid cracks at rivets: Slightly oversize the rivet holes in the plastic flange. If you are inserting a 1/8" rivet, go just a hair larger with the drill in the plastic...but not in the wall.