Girard Door Kits for GSWH-2 Water Heaters

Girard Door Kits for GSWH-2 Water Heaters

Product Code: VTS-683

Starting At:

$67.99 - $79.99

Girard Products' tankless water heaters do not come with doors. All doors are sold separately.

You have three door options for the new GSWH-2 Girard Tankless Water Heater. They are all two-piece kits with a galvanized steel inner layer that patches the old hole in your trailer (assuming you are retrofitting) and creates a water seal preventing rain from getting in to your trailer around the outside of the water heater. The outer door is white painted steel and it hinges to provide access to the inside of the heater for control and maintenance. No other door colors or materials are available.

You will choose the door based on the size of the water heater you are replacing.

Helpful Selection Notes
  • The Girard 2GWHDA6 and 2GWHDAS10 Conversion Door Kits do not cover the corners of the Atwood 6 and 10 Gallon water heater with a FLUSH MOUNT Door. The installer will need to make modifications/fabricate to cover the corners. Prior inspection is recommended and quote the customer for any additional labor and/or materials. This issue is only applicable to the Atwood FLUSH MOUNT Doors. No modification/fabrication is needed if a Suburban FLUSH MOUNT Door.
  • Starting in 2016 with the new GSWH-2 model water heaters, all doors hinge on the side and have easy latches. The old doors from the model GSWH-1 do not fit the new version of the water heater.

  • The current GSWH-2 doors are not compatible with earlier Girard water heater models GWHW-1 AND GSWH-1M.

For more information on installing these doors, visit Gerard Products' website by clicking here.