Hall-Mark Hinge Stops & Screws (Pkg of 10)

Hall-Mark Hinge Stops & Screws (Pkg of 10)

Product Code: VTS-2147


These little nylon hinge stops and screws are used to prevent the hinge on a Hall-Mark 12 Hehr window from sliding left or right after installed. They are essential to prevent the front frame from getting out of alignment from the back frame.

The stop approximately 3/16" wide and 3/16" thick.

Comes with a #6 stainless steel sheet metal screw 1/4" long.

The nylon stop is not pre-drilled because you will want to install it in the existing gap in your hinge and align the screw with the existing hole.

You will want to pre-drill the block because nylon is a hard plastic.

Old Hehr PN 009-145

Package of 10.