Hard Mantle for Travel Trailer Gas Lights

Hard Mantle for Travel Trailer Gas Lights

Product Code: VTS-950

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This is the correct original mantle for most vintage trailer gas lights. It is a preformed mantle that includes a ceramic mounting ring. The ring installs in 3 notches around the ceramic burner nose piece on your gas light. If your burner nose does not have 3 notches on it, you should use a tie-on mantle.

Preformed mantles provide nice bright light and last longer than tie-on mantles if not damaged. They are still fragile and must be handled with care before and after being lit. It is recommended that you avoid touching the white mesh portion of the mantle when you are handling it. Excessive vibration on the road will break a mantle that has been previously lit.

If you are wondering whether preformed mantles are worth the extra expense, we recommend buying one and a package of the tie-on mantles and do your own testing this camping season. We'd be interested in your opinion.

Suitable for natural gas or propane.

One per package.