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Hehr Hall-Mark 12 Plastic Glazing Strip (4' Length)

Vintage Trailer Supply

Hehr Hall-Mark 12 Plastic Glazing Strip (4' Length)

Product Code: VTS-890


Price is for one 48-inch length of snap-in glazing strip.

This stiff grey PVC plastic strip sheds water and helps hold the glass into the frame on Hehr Hall-Mark 12 windows.

Your window may have a rubber glazing strip that has shrunk from the corners. This strip replaces either the stiff plastic or rubber versions, in most cases.

he Hall-Mark 12 awning-style window was generally used by Airstream in model years 1961-1965 only. That's not to say that you definitely have this style window on your early 1960s Airstream, but that it is likely and that if you have a 1966 Airstream you definitely do not have this strip. Hall-Mark windows are marked on the outside sill with the numbers HEHR L (or C) 12XX where the XX are two other numbers.

stationary form of the window was used in some mid-60s Serro Scotty and Winnebago trailers, too. Other brands may have used this window. For instance, one customer with a 1973 Chinook reports this type of window. Please let us know if you know of other brands.

f you own a 1958-1960 Airstream, you probably use a rubber strip with a similar but slightly different profile for a window called the Hehr Clearview. We sell that glazing strip, too. Look very carefully because Airstream was not consistent and we have seen at least one 1960 Airstream with the Hallmark 12.

his extrusion is a Vintage Trailer Supply exclusive. It is made of PVC plastic like the original. The longer side measures 1/2" and the shorter side is 1/4".

e also carry the glazing tape used to bed the glass in the frame. And if your window is the awning style, you will need the bulb seal for the backframe.

ITTING NOTE: Airstream Hall-Mark 12 window frames vary in profile somewhat. While they all share the basic profile, the scale of the extruded frames are sometimes a little larger or smaller, making this glazing strip fit snugly on some and a bit loose on others. If you find that this is fitting but sliding back and forth in your frame, just tack it in place with a dot or two of polyurethane caulk, like Trempro 635.

UN NOTE: Intense sun destroys PVC plastic over time. The plastic becomes brittle and can even warp. This was a problem with the original glazing strips from the 1960s and our reproductions are only slightly improved. We have had a UV protectant added to the raw plastic that these are made from, but if you are in a particularly sunny region of the country and store your trailer outdoors you may need to replace your strips after a few years. Fortunately, it is an easy project.