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Hehr Vent Cover Gasket

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Hehr Vent Cover Gasket

Product Code: VTS-345

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/ 7' Pkg

This dense EPDM rubber gasket is approximately the same height and width as the original molded gasket used on vintage 14" x 14" aluminum Hehr "No-Draft" Vent units.

Please click on the thumbnail photo of how this style vent looks from the inside. If your vent unit does not look like this from the inside, this gasket will not fit.

The original gasket was a moulded rubber gasket. The gasket was moulded to form the square shape. It was installed on the cover by sandwiching the gasket's flange between the two layers of aluminum that are riveted together to make the vent cover. Our replacement gasket is not moulded in the square shape. It is extruded from high quality EPDM rubber in a straight section. Since it is extruded, you will need to wrap it around the corners on the cover. Because it is dense, it wraps fairly well without excessive puckering.

To install, you will need to remove the lid. When you have the lid on a table, use a knife to trim off the old gasket where it is visible. Do not disassemble the two sections of the lid. Clean the surface where the new gasket will be installed removing all debris and then wipe with alcohol or another non-residual cleaner. The gasket comes with a very high quality peel-and-stick tape that will bond aggressively. Carefully align the gasket and install in the same location as the old gasket. Do not stretch when installing.

Dimensions of profile are approximately 5/8" x 5/8".

Included is a section 7 feet long. This is more than enough to complete one 14" square lid and can be used on our Astradome Earlier lids also.