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Interior Curtains for Trailers

In order to achieve the ultimate vintage trailer look, our selection of short-length camper curtains provides a variety of curtain parts, including sliders, carriers and tiebacks. Not only are these great for adding a truly vintage touch to your camper, but they can also be used above sinks, cabinets and beds to control the amount of lighting you let into your trailer during the day. With our assortment of short-length curtains for trailers, you can customize the look and feel of curtains with the simple use of different hooks, snap tapes, carriers or even sliders.

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Elastic Curtain T-Slides Elastic Curtain G-Slides 1960s Curtain Tabs Wheeled Curtain Carriers
Used in 1970s and later Airstreams. Used in 1970s and later Airstreams. Sew-in curtain tabs used in the 1960s. Two-wheel carriers for I-beam curtain tracks.

Discs measure 3/8" in diameter. Total drop measures 7/8".

14 per package.
Large Eye Curtain Sliders Small Curtain Sliders Small Curtain Track - Horizontal Small Curtain Track - Vertical
Large Eye Sliders (Pkg of 25)
Price: $4.99 / Pkg of 25

Replaces sliders in metal tracks on many 60s Airstreams

Used in the 1960s for shower curtains and some other applications. Use with small sliders. Fits small size sliders.
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When it comes to choosing the right tools to achieve your desired look, we know that the physical appearance is just as important as the function. Our selection combines a vintage aesthetic with incredible functionality in order to provide you with an assortment of products that look as good as they work. Get every detail just the way you want it with our products!

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