AquaLock and PEX Fittings

AquaLock and PEX Fittings

Watts Sea-Tech fittings are now called Watts AquaLock fittings. They are simply the best quick-connect fittings available for running water lines in your vintage travel trailer. They can be installed by anyone with even limited plumbing knowledge and with only one tool: a PEX pipe cutter.

  • No tools required—connect and disconnect without tools for easy and flexible installation.
  • Fits and joins PEX, Copper and CPVC.
  • Locking clips available for extra connection security.
  • Rotate after installation and even under pressure, making installation a breeze.
  • Zero-leaks with a patented O-ring guide that protects the O-ring from damage or misalignment during connection.
  • Certified for potable water and behind the wall for plumbing applications.

Click here to read our article about our preference for these fittings, and see a short video about installation.