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J Rail for Roof Edge Gutters - Soft

Vintage Trailer Supply

J Rail for Roof Edge Gutters - Soft

Product Code: VTS-3002



This soft aluminum J-rail is used on Shasta trailers and many canned hams as a drip rail.

It mounts on the wall of the trailer covering up the roof edge that is folded down the wall a bit. The J-rail acts as a gutter. The roll formed profile is soft enough to bow as you install it.

Mill finish. Measures approximately 3/4" high and extends out from wall approximately 1/2".

Pre-punched 5/32" holes are approximately 3-1/2" apart. It should be mounted with stainless screws. We recommend placing a strip of butyl tape behind it and a bead of Trempro 635 as a finish bead along the top after installation.

It comes in 94" lengths.

We recommend washing the residual tool oil from this roll formed part before installing. Expect some scratches in the material that can be sanded out. 



Due to its length, this item and other long items like it are shipped together in a PVC pipe to protect them from damage in transit. The PVC pipe will be shipped using FedEx. We are able to ship to the United States and Canada.