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Butyl Putty Tape

Vintage Trailer Supply

Butyl Putty Tape

Product Code: VTS-419
$5.99 - $8.59

This pliable non-hardening 100% butyl mastic is a superior replacement for the original non-butyl putty tape used on vintage travel trailers. It is tacky and, unlike old fashioned putty tape, does not harden over time. Also, it is safe for contact with EPDM rubber roofs because it does not leach petroleum residue like some lower grade "camper tapes" do.

It is used when installing moldings, windows, doors and vents. It waterproofs overlapping metal and seals around fasteners when they are inserted through the tape.

Can be trimmed to width with a utility knife.

Color: Gray

Available in 5 different dimensions: choose the best size option for your application. The most common thickness used is 1/8" because it is forgiving if going between two sheets of aluminum that are not smooth.  However, we've discovered that if working with smooth sheets, 1/16" thick is an excellent alternative.  Unfortunately, as of early 2023, 1/16" thick tape is not being manufacturerd due to COVID recovery issues. 

Length of Rolls:

  • 1/8" thick rolls are 30 feet long
  • 1/16" thick rolls are 45 feet long

*Please note that the first few feet of the roll may be thinner than the dimensions stated.