LED Magnetic Temporary Tow Lights

LED Magnetic Temporary Tow Lights

Product Code: VTS-2072


An LED magnetic towing light kit is essential equipment in every vintage trailer tool box.  You never know when your lights will fail unless you have rewired them yourself and know every connection and ground.  If you are going out to rescue a trailer, don't take the seller's word for the condition of lighting. Bring these along for your own convenience.

They provide DOT compliant stop, tail and turn functions while towing any trailer.

Both lights feature an 22-lb. pull strength magnetic base to keep the lights in place while on the road.  However, because steel surfaces are few and far between on vintage trailers, we recommend you add security to your mounting location with cable ties, duct tape, or both.  Cable ties and duct tape are two other necessities in your toolbox.

The life of an LED trailer light far exceeds traditional incandescent trailer lights. Lenses are sonically sealed to provide protection from moisture and corrosion. Additionally, all electronics are potted with water resistant resin for a second layer of defense. This kit is ideal for all towing applications.

  • INSTANT response time
  • Easy installation= no tools required
  • Brighter than incanescent
  • LEDs rated to 100,000 hours of life
  • Provides DOT compliant stop, tail and turn functions
  • Standard flat 4-way plug
  • 20-foot long wiring harness
  • Non-scratch heavy duty magnetic base for secure mount