Nature's Head

Nature's Head Composting Toilet

Nature's Head

Nature's Head Composting Toilet

Product Code: VTS-2361


Composting toilets are quickly catching on in the vintage trailer industry because they significantly simplify waste handling while still providing a sanitary and no odor solution. You will be turning waste into compost which can be disposed of in a number of ways.

Nature's Head is the best established brand because it offers the most innovative design, offers the best value, and the most reliable solution of any product in the field. No maintenance is required. Just wipe it clean.

This "dry toilet" with full size elongated seat is lightweight, compact, self-contained, odorless, and waterless. That makes it ideal for trailers that do not desire a conventional RV black tank system.

The way it eliminates odor is by diverting urine out of the compost container. It is collected in a separate container.

This eco-friendly toilet with its stainless steel hardware, robust rotomolded construction and user friendliness has been designed to withstand the harshest of conditions...even in saltwater marine vessels.

The Nature's Head requires a 12v connection and a vent hose. It does not require any other plumbing or tanks. If you will be using your Nature's Head with 110V power, you will need to add the 12V transformer/adapter to your order.

The vent can tee into your existing plumbing vent stack or be vented out separately.

Included with your toilet:
  • mounting brackets 12v fan (preinstalled)
  • fuse and fuse holder
  • agitator
  • choose from spider handle or a foot spider handle
  • inside vent flange
  • 5 feet of venting hose with attached ends
  • Total Height: 21.5 inches
  • Total Width: 20.75 inches
  • Total Depth: 17.75 inches
  • Gross Empty Weight: 28 lbs.


Electric Power Usage: The 12v fan draws only .07 amps. The fan should be run continuously whenever the toilet is in use to aid in drying and composting. When the toilet has not been used for 10 days or more, the fan can be turned off becaues the ongoing composting process will not need the fan-forced airflow.



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