PrecisionTemp RV-550NSP EC Floor Vented Water Heater


PrecisionTemp RV-550NSP EC Floor Vented Water Heater

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Hot Water in Any Season

The PrecisionTemp RV-550 NSP EC tankless, recreational vehicle water heater utilizes our patented VariFlame Control technology to deliver an endless flow of hot water for the ultimate RV shower.

Whether in the dead of winter in the North Dakota oil fields or on sunny days in southern Florida, hot water is there for your enjoyment.

No Sidewall Penetration

The RV-550 NSP EC is vented through the floor with a 2åÓ exhaust pipe. No sidewall penetration (NSP) makes it perfect for coaches and trailers with intricate paint patterns and for those where a smooth, uninterrupted sidewall is important.

Ultimate Floor Plan Flexibility

With a smaller footprint and floor venting, the RV-550 NSP EC allows for RV floor plan flexibility as never before. This can free up cabinet space and provide for less complicated installation.

The Proof is in the POWER

With 55,000 BTUsåÑthe highest hot water output in the industryåÑand built-in freeze protection, the RV-550 NSP EC delivers on-demand, continuous hot water.

The heater operates only when the hot water outlet is turned on. The VariFlame control system then keeps the water temperature constant, regardless of the flow rate or incoming water temperature.

More Hot Water. Less Propane.

With higher efficiency and 55,000 BTUs, the RV-550 NSP EC produces more hot water than traditional water heaters.

Without a tank to keep hot, many people report that they use up to 50% less propane. RV owners love the lower operating costs and fewer fill-ups.

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