Road Trip Game

Road Trip Game

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Can you rattle off three towns that start with the letter "P"?

What about three fast foods that contain the letter "B"?

Or, finish the "Tale of the Trip" by filling in the blanks with words beginning with "A"? How's this: "When we stopped in Albuquerque, I bought an Armadillo to give to Aunt Alice!"

Complete each word challenge and motor across the USA! "Rest Stop" cards add to the fun along the way, with lucky breaks and the occasional pothole. You'll find yourself asking " R " WE THERE YET? and saying WISH " U " WERE HERE!

The Road Trip board game contains 120 Challenge Cards, 40 "Rest Stop" cards, 7.5" x 20" Vintage Road Map Board, 30-sided Alphabet die, and 4 retro Station Wagon movers!

Here’s a sneak peek at what folks are saying about “RoadTrip”:

National Parenting Center: "One of the most creative and uniquely designed boxes, the tin case that Road Trip comes in will most certainly catch your eye. But the real fun and educational aspect is inside." "We all had a lot of laughs playing this game. My wife, stuck on some word combo beginning with “S” blurted out a swear word which had the kids howling. I had to laugh as well; just glad that it hadn’t been my 11 year old who said it."

Chicago Examiner: "Overall, this is a charming game with the potential to become a classic family favorite that can be played over and over again for years to come." "…packing along a fun game can help pass the time --and miles --with ease. RoadTrip is a must." "The game is fun, challenging, and inspires you to play it over and over again. We laughed a lot and we had to think a lot. Having both as elements of a game is always what we look for to play." "We had the chance to try out Road Trip… (it) was a night full of laughing and having so much fun. We loved this game and my husband and I were quite surprised when our tween beat us!"