Sidewall Exhaust Fan

Sidewall Exhaust Fan

Product Code: VTS-391
$109.99 - $119.99

This 115VAC kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan is designed to mount in the sidewall of your trailer.It is very similar to the fans used throughout the 1950s and early 1960s in Airstreams and other trailers, but there are few differences, so please read carefully.

Like the originals, the exterior door hinges on top and hides the mounting screws, motor and fan blade when not in use. It is slightly larger than the original and will require a 9-1/2"w x 9-1/4"h cutout in the trailer wall.

  • The overall exterior dimensions including the hinge are 11-5/8" square and protrudes 5/8".
  • The interior dimensions are 11" square and protrudes 1-5/8".

Because it is designed to go through walls no less than 2-1/2" thick, you may have to build a 1" deep collar or shim on the interior if you have 1-1/2" thick walls, like on Airstreams. Instead of building a collar, some customers have modified the fan housing itself to make it somewhat shallower. Using either method, the unit will look very nice when finished.

The fan motor is 110VAC only and can move 100 CFM. It draws .80 amps.

Two versions of this fan have interior louvered grilles painted white. One has a silver painted interior grille. 

You have two options for the exterior:

  • Mill finish aluminum exterior
  • White painted aluminum exterior


Caution: Although this is a great way to vent steam, do not install this fan directly over a tub or in a shower.

Description Above Price
  • 115-volt AC only
  • Draws less than an amp
  • Available in three colors