Slant Sill Window Operator

Slant Sill Window Operator

Product Code: VTS-2001

Our Price:

¥1,337 - ¥1,416

This slant sill torque operator is available in left or right versions. This part is angled at the top so the height to the highest point is 2.175". Width without the extension handle is 1.36 "

Primarily used in the late 1960s and 1970s, you'll find it on louvered windows like those found on 1975 Silver Streak or 1979 Coachman trailers.  It was also used on 1968-79 VW Westfalia buses (Transporter and Campmobile).

You will need to purchase a metal swivel handle handle separately or reuse your existing handle. 5/32" Spline.