Square Taillight Lens

Square Taillight Lens

Product Code: VTS-124


This lens is an excellent replacement for the original square red 9074 lens. The original 9074 is obsolete but this is a great fit.  It does have a slightly different profile to it, so if a perfectly matching look is important, we recommend replacing all lenses at the same time.

It was used for many, many years in the Airstream and Argosy two-, three-, and four-light arrays.  On Airstreams starting in 1975 (and some 1974s), this lens is mounted in two of three openings in the three-light taillight array.

It was also used on Boles trailers starting in mid-60s through to the end of production and on Avions in the early 1980s.  Even some Barth motorhomes and Goshen Coach buses use it.

The amber version is offered to assist our European customers who want to modify their trailers for European standards.

It mounts with four screws (not included).  Screws are 3-5/8" apart. Overall size is 4.3" x 4.3"