Stainless Hand Rivet Squeezer & Accessories

$8.99 - $178.20

Stainless Hand Rivet Squeezer & Accessories

Our premium investment cast stainless steel hand rivet squeezer is constructed to last a lifetime. The body styling is drop forged for extra strength and CNC machined to tight tolerances. It has a very solid feel, and professional look that will complement anyone's toolbox.

Use with our squeezer dies for hand setting solid or semi-tubular rivets in wheel wells, around entrance door openings, baggage doors or other places where the yoke can reach both sides of the material.

Lifetime warranty.

  • Easily interchangeable yokes by simply removing three roll pins.
  • Choose from either 3" deep or 1.5" deep yoke. Extra yokes sold separately.
  • Drop forged from stainless steel for unmatched strength and durability.
  • Classic bushed stainless steel finish.
  • Uses any rivet set or dimple dies having a 3/16" (.187") shank.
  • Adjustable ram does not need shims. Simply turn ram to close or open the gap.
  • Squeezes aluminum rivets up to 5/32" and steel rivets up to 1/8".

Requires two dies (sold separately here). One die is inserted in the top part and one is inserted in the lower part (the ram). For setting our brazier head buck rivets, you will need to buy one VTS-689B (cupped/domed shape die) and one VTS-689A (flat/flush shape die) to go with the squeezer. Other dies can be purchased for other shapes or styles of rivets.