Swivel Handle for Window or Vent Operators

Swivel Handle for Window or Vent Operators

Product Code: VTS-324



Vintage-style two-piece spinning handle makes a very nice replacement for older missing handles. Slips over 9/32" knurl on window operator. This is a substitute for old Hehr part number 008-200. It was often found on Hehr 1700 windows on the Hehr 008-129, 008-131 and 008-132 gear operators. They fit many other opeators.

Available in 1/4", 1/2" or 1" sizes. The size refers to the length of the section that attaches to the operator knurl. Normally, the 1/4" size is what you'll want, but with some recessed operators, you'll need an extended size so the handle doesn't bump into the window frame when you turn it. If you need even more extension, you can buy VTS-2530 extensions separately.

Mounting screw included.