Thetford Slide-EZ Waste Valve 08706


Thetford Slide-EZ Waste Valve 08706

Product Code: VTS-339


This is one of several replacement drain waste valves available in the old Thetford standard.  The Thetford standard is no longer used with new RVs but was used quite often in the 1960s and right up to the 1990s by many manufactures. Thetford valves are very high quality and can be expected to last for decades. Because they have proprietary configurations and slightly different dimensions than contemporary dump valve fittings, caps, and hoses, vintage trailer owners often need to source the old Thetford standard parts. Most RV shops do not stock these parts because they are rarely needed by their newer RV customers.

In the early years Thetford made the slide blades from stainless steel. However, all blades are plastic now. In all drain waste valve applications, the plastic blade valves are a perfectly good fit for old metal blade valves. The only exception is that when a valve is used as part of the assembly of a toilet, the plastic cannot be substituted for the old metal blade version.

Despite being white in color, Thetford valves are made of ABS plastic. If solvent welding to pipe or other fittings, it is best to use with black ABS pipe rather than white PVC pipe. (This valve does not weld to the fittings around it.)


Top/Inlet Fitting

Flat top for direct mount to a proprietary Thetford 4-hole flange which as mounting holes at 4-1/4" on center. Approximately 6" across mounting holes if measured diagonally.  Top seal and four mounting screws are included.


Bottom/Outlet Fitting

Thetford "O"-ring connection seals through a firm push into a 3" hub fitting with 3-1/2" ID. Originally designed to mate with Thetford's proprietary sanitary tee which was called a collector.  There was a flange on the top of the collector that allowed the collector to then be secured to the valve with six screws that threaded into six holes around the bottom opening of the valve.  If you have this type of sanitary tee, you need a Thetford valve.



Included. No extension possible.


Thetford Model Number

Version 08706 of Thetford Slide-EZ valve 01447. This valve is identical to 08707 except for the handle. Every Thetford valve ever made says 01447 on it, so you can't rely on the number molded into the plastic to guide you in selecting the correct version. Instead, look carefully at the top and bottom of the valve.