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Triangular Window Gasket

Vintage Trailer Supply

Triangular Window Gasket

Product Code: VTS-571


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Mobile Scout TrailerThis thick rubber gasket secures the triangular glass in the doors of vintage Mobile Scout trailers from 1955 into the 1960s. It will work for other shapes of glass, too. We've seen triangle windows on Air-Flo, Lincraft, Norris, Broken Arrow Tepee and Zipper trailers, too. 

This one-piece gasket is designed to fit around the opening in the door and has a slot to hold the glass. It is made of gray silicone rubber so it will not shrink or dry out the way the original vinyl rubber gasket did. It is held in place in the door with silicone caulk as an adhesive. We offer an aluminum color silicone caulk that will work very well.

For this gasket to work, your door must be 1-3/8" thick and you must use 3/16" thick glass.

Order by the foot. You will receive one continuous length of gasket in the length you desire. It takes one 4-foot length to do most Mobile Scout windows, but please measure before ordering. The minimum length we sell is four feet, and cut gasket is not returnable.

We recommend the butt seam be placed half way along one of the downward sloping sides and that the seam be sealed with silicone caulk.

The photos above show an original gasket installed and a photo showing the profile of the gasket we sell.

Installation Notes:

  • If you are using original glass, you will need to reduce the overall dimensions of the glass slightly all the way around the perimeter to make the glass fit with the new gasket. This is necessitated by the fact that our gasket is thicker than the original. You can reduce the size of the glass by sanding it on a stationary belt sander. Or take it to a glass shop if you want to play it safe.
  • Our customers have found that the best way to install this gasket is to wrap it around the glass first. Then insert the glass in the opening of the door working from the outside. Gently pull inner lip over the inner skin of the door. Use two people to make it easier. Avoid the use of tools whenever possible to avoid damage to the gasket.