Vintage Style Drip Cap

Vintage Style Drip Cap

Product Code: VTS-515

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£8.72 - £18.93

Aluminum drip caps available through RV dealers are low quality and the wrong shape for vintage trailers. Our customers asked us to find an alternative that had the tighter radius on the ends like the original Hehr Model 403 caps on old trailers. We found a fabricator who could make something much more like the vintage originals. 

We offer our vintage style aluminum drip caps in many lengths. Lengths are measured as the overall length of the entire cap, including the mounting flange. Generally, you can expect the flange to measure 3/4"" on the left and right and 1"" above. In their original sales literature from 50 years ago, Hehr recommended that customers measure the overall width of their windows (including the mounting flange) and buy a cap 3"" longer, allowing 1-1/2"" on each side. But if you are replacing an old cap, you can just buy the same overall size as your original. Our caps have an overall depth (protruding from the trailer) of 1-1/4"", just like the majority of old Hehr caps. They measure .025"" thick. 

We know there were many lengths of caps back in the day and that you may not find your exact size in our selection. A common way for adjusting sizes at the factory was to piece two caps together by overlapping them to form one, longer cap. This technique can be used and be entirely in keeping with an original appearance.

Unfortunately, our fabricator can make them only from aluminum with a white baked on paint on the outside (back side is unpainted). If you are working on an Airstream or other unpainted trailer, you'll need to strip the white coating off these caps. We've found through experimentation that the fastest way to remove the paint is to burn it off with a simple propane torch. Please watch our video for instructions.

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The white paint can be removed.
Scroll to the bottom to see our video on how to remove the factory finish if you prefer bare aluminum.

Available in many widths!
See our detailed description for tips on choosing the right sizes for your trailer.

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