19" Square Vent Lid With Radius Corners

19" Square Vent Lid With Radius Corners

Product Code: VTS-2294



This high quality vent lid is made from a 1/8" thick sheet of translucent white Lexan polycarbonate. It lets nice diffused sunlight through. It is a single layer of Lexan and can be attached to your current operating hardware.

It is approximately 19" square and molded from an original lid so will fit vents with fans and those without. For this to fit your existing vent, your vent opening must have radiused corners like this lid.

Your original was injection moulded and so will look slightly different. However, this should fit the same.

Description Above Price
  • Fits vintage Avions and trailers
  • Tough polycarbonate won't crack
  • Mounting hardware not included
  • Let's diffused light in