14" Galvanized Vent with Flat Galvanized Lid

14" Galvanized Vent with Flat Galvanized Lid

Product Code: VTS-280


Made of unpainted galvanized steel, this 14"x14" roof vent is the closest available replacement for old aluminum Hehr vents. The hinged lid cranks open on one side with a knob inside. It has a flat low-profile top, radiused corners and a removable screen.

The interior off-white plastic garnish trims out the interior and is included. It fits roofs 1-7/8" to 3" thick, but can be trimmed for thinner roofs.

lease note: This is a complete vent unit and must be installed in your trailer roof's 14"x14" rough opening. To install it, you will need to remove your existing vent unit entirely.

Installation instructions:

  1. If replacing an existing unit, remove interior trim first. Then remove old vent assembly from rough opening in roof.
  2. Clean rough opening and ensure that it is approximately 14.5" x 14.5".
  3. Place putty tape or polyurethane sealant around bottom edge of roof mounting flange. Orient the vent so that the hinge is towards the vehicle front and insert vent into the opening with the screen frame extended through the roof cavity.
  4. Secure the vent to the roof with #8 screws of sufficient length through the mounting holes in the flange.
  5. Place the ceiling garnish into the groove around the screen frame. Drive #8 screws through the mounting holes and tighten to ceiling. Be careful not to over tighten and distort the garnish.

Attention: Please expect some minor tooling marks and scratches to the top of lid incurred during transit. These will not be apparent once vent is installed. The perforated mounting flange may also bend in transit because the flange is a soft pliable steel. When it arrives, you may need to bend the corners back flat with a pair of pliers or soft mallet before installing.


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